Bonjour Jolie–April 2014

Bonjour Jolie is a subscription service for women’s time of the month. It is a premium pampering service that will ship out any necessary tampons/pads/liners (up to 25.) The service costs $16+S&H, which comes out to $21 domestically in the US. Each box comes with a Gift, Pampering and Edibles. I have been very impressed with Bonjour Jolie so far. You tell them when your period will come and they will ship it out every month so it magically appears a week before your destined to start. It also makes a great warning to anyone you might live with. I would also like to take a moment and point out I completely failed at pictures this month. I didn’t picture the necklace, which was lovely and turned out to be a great birthday present to a friend, nor did I take a picture of the chap stick, or the whole box laid out. I apologize. Anyway! Let’s see what I got for my birthday.

Inside the box:



Inside the box: Bonjour Jolie always has a great little information card explaining everything that you got in your box.




My box had come quite late, and on the back of the card it explained why. Apparently there was a fire at their home (oh nose!) and everything is alright now.



  • The Goods:
    • Tampons & Pantyliner. ($5) 25 items. I like tampons with a few panty-liners. Yes, I got more than enough to last me through my time. It’s nice to not have to think about anymore. You can select any type and arrangement of up to 25 items you want for the supplies, they have a lot of brands.
    • Overall Grade: A


    • Advil. ($0.80) This is always necessary, usually right when the box shows up. It’s great that they really take care of everything for me.
    • Overall Grade: A
    • Summer’s Eve Feminine Wipes. ($0.31) I love that they include a sanitary wipe of some kind. I have gotten one in every box I have received so far. It’s never something I think about, but they really are handy to have around.Overall
    • Grade: B


  • The Gift:
    • Vintage locket. ($14) This is very cute, but not really my style. I am sure I will find a great reason to give it to someone else as a gift, or maybe use it as a prop.
    • Overall Grade: A



  • The Pampering:
    • Pears Translucent Soap.($1.99) I have never actually heard of this stuff, but it is cool It’s clear and the smell is light.
    • Overall Grade: A


    • Dickinson Witch Hazel Face Towelettes. ($1) I used these up, I didn’t notice any huge difference in my skin. It was very convenient though.
    • Overall Grade: A


    • Natural Cherry Lip Balm. ($4) I hate cherry. It’s one of my only big flavors I can’t stand, so this is not really my cup of tea. I didn’t try it so I could give it away, but I am sure it moisturizes just fine.
    • Overall Grade: C-


    • Cotton Candy Bath Salts. ($1) These smelled just like cotton candy, I have found out from these boxes that I really enjoy bath salts and I am excited to come up with a reason to use these.
    • Overall Grade: A



  • The Edibles:
    • Goetz Caramel Necco Wafers Chicklets. ($1) Who doesn’t love candy? These aren’t my favorite candy, but they made me smile to see.
    • Overall Grade: C+


    • Charleston Chew and Bit o’ Honey. ($1) Not my favorite candy, but I put it in my candy bowl at work and they got eaten.
    • Overall Grade: C+


    • Cow Tails. ($0.50) Also not my favorite (apparently I don’t like a lot of candy >.>) but I put them in my candy bowl and my co workers loved them.
    • Overall Grade: C+


    • Oreo Cookies. ($1) These I loved, and ate immediately.
    • Overall Grade: A


    • Twinings Tea Company Teas. ($1) I almost always get tea in these boxes, which is awesome. I really need to start drinking tea perpetually based on how often I get tea. Love these, and they will be consumed….eventually.
    • Overall Grade: A


  •  The whole catch:


I find Bonjour Jolie to be well worth the money. I never feel like I got skimped or like I didn’t get my money’s worth. I loved this box. It gave me the perfect present to give to a firend, as well as a bunch of chocolate and treats for myself. I got $30.21 in items for $21.00. I love getting a nice pick-me-up before my period starts.

Birchbox–May 2014

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you beauty products. For $10 they will ship you 4-5 sample products and usually a “lifestyle extra” and it usually gets to your door around the 15th. They have a very extensive points program for reviewing/referring friends as well as just buying stuff. This is one of the most well known beauty box’s. They also have articles on how to apply make-up and give different beauty advice on their webpage. But, enough talk, let’s see what I got for my birthday!

Opening the box:



The theme for this month was “Freewheeling”. Birchbox always gives out an information card explaining what is inside your box, and usually giving some information about a cause, upcoming events or changes.

  • SmartyPants Adult Gummie Vitamin. (2 gummies) $.33 I was quite dissapointed that they didn’t even send out a full dose of this sample.  You are supposed to have 6 gummies in one day. The gummy’s were perfectly tasty, if a bit on the sour side.
  • Overall Grade: B+


  • Cynthia Rowley Beauty–Silver Eyeliner. (sample sized stick) $8.00 I guessed this was about half of a full sized. It was very pigmented and smooth. I like it, about as much as I ever like silver eyeliner. I rarely notice any sort of difference when I wear it, I like darker colors. But everything else about this was great.
  • Overall Grade: B+


  • Gilchrist & Soames–Body Lotion. (1.35 fl oz) $2.53 This stuff smelled lovely. It was pretty light, which I enjoy. I liked the light smell and texture. It was a win for me.
  • Overall Grade: A-


  • Marcelle–BB Cream Golden Glow. (2 0.5 oz. bottle) $16.88 I don’t think I was actually supposed to end up with two of these samples. I think something got screwed up in shipping. I contacted Birchbox and they told me that I got a happy surprise. This stuff is a little thicker than I would like. It makes me feel like I am in a very humid place when I put it on. Not my favorite BB cream.
  • Overall Grade: B+


  • Number 4 High Performance Hair Care. (1 fl. oz) $4.00 I tried this stuff out. I was disspointed that there was more shampoo than conditioner to try. The shampoo made very rich, thick lather, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how it left my hair feeling through the day. My hair felt stripped and not smooth at all. I will pass on this stuff personally.
  • Overall Grade: C





I got $31.74 worth of products for $10. I enjoyed quite a few of the things in this Birchbox. I wish I had gotten something more dramatic in my box. I got several things I liked, but most of them made me wish for something zany and new to try. If you want it to be your birthday too then click on the link and sign up.

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Unmentionably Cheeky–April 2014

Unmentionably Cheeky is a subscription service that sends panties every month. They send two pairs for $6 (with the FALL13 coupon code), which is a steal in my book. I figured the quality of the underwear wouldn’t be too great, but after trying it out, color me impressed. They will charge and ship at the same time every month. It usually takes a couple of days to come in the mail when I get the shipping notice. Well, let’s see what I got for my birthday!

Opening my present! The undies get shipped in a plain black plastic bag. It is very discrete. When opened there is pink tissue paper wrapped around the goods.


  • Plaid Bikini with Lace. These are fantastic, I totally would have picked these out in the store. They are satin-like and lace around the elastic part. They fit me well and feel amazing on my tush.


  • Blue bikini with ‘LOVE’ decal. I have actually gotten several of these with the love rhinestones on them at this point.They must make a whole bunch of the same and I have ended up with different colors of the same cut. All well, I still love them.


I am really enjoying Unmentionably Cheeky. I am not doing a price comparison on these, because they are exclusives. You can decide if $3 a pair is a good value for you or not. Nothing like new panties to make you feel better. Two pairs each month seems like a great amount. I have been getting rid of some old pair I hate with new cute pair every month. If you want to have a birthday surprise of undies once a month then click on the link.

Julep–May 2014

Julep is a monthly subscription box that sends you nail care products. For $19.99 they will ship you 3+ products. I checked out the boxes this month and opted to get the Boho Glam box. I have been swayed and actually really enjoy this box now. They have a very extensive points program for reviewing/referring friends as well as just buying stuff. They also apparently let you get a free nail polish if you take three months in a row. They allow you to opt to send a monthly box to a friend as a present. But, enough talk, let’s see what I got for my birthday!

Opening the box.


There were a few promotional cards on top for different social media things, as well as having friends join.


Inside the box:


  • Julep Plie Wand. (1 wand) $25.00 This wand attaches to the top of all julep colors and makes it easier to do your wrong hand nails. I was pretty skeptical but then I tried it. It made doing both hands fun, I felt like less of a clutz. The whole thing has magnets and turny bits, and is genuinely super cool.
  • Overall Grade: A


  • Plie Wand Creativity Kit. (2 attachments) $10.00. Holy cow, these were also amazingly easy to use with the wand, and made adding dots and lines to myself easy as pie. Love it.
  • Overall Grade: A


  • Swatch Me Sticker Sheets. (3 sheets) $2.99 I have no idea where the link to this is on the website. I added this onto the box because it is nice to be able to see the colors of the nail polish from the top, and there are several other polishes I would love to do that to. I wish other polish companies would make standard lids to polish.
  • Overall Grade: A


  • Paulett Nail Color. (8 mL) $14.00 This color was lovely. It went on smooth, had a bit of shimmer. I put on two coats because I felt like it, but there was quite a bit of coverage with one.
  • Overall Grade: A


  • Jeanne Nail Color. (8 mL) $14.00 This color was super pigmented. In the picture is one coat. This stuff is awesome, although not without it’s teeth. Everything needs to be done perfectly, all blemishes or missteps when applying color will show.
  • Overall Grade: A-

The entire catch:0503141528

Me having fun with the things in the box:



Well, it was a good birthday for me! I got $65.99 worth of products for $8.95. (I used my Jules this month to get a cheaper box) I enjoyed this month, I am quickly becoming a nail color addict. I love that you can pick which box you want, and the add-ons are actually a pretty good deal. It’s unlikely that I won’t like at least one of the box’s every month. If you want it to be your birthday and get new nail color every month then click on the link and sign up. And tell me what you think of Julep, have you found your favorite nail color through them?

Please Note:The links above are reference links for subscription to the service, meaning I will get something from the company for having referred you. If you would like a non-reference link then please click here.

Loot Crate–March 2014

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends you geekiness of all kinds. For $20 ($17.66 a month if you opt for the year subscription) they will ship you box of nerdy products. The crates will arrive around the end of the month. The boy got a present of Loot Crate and is kind enough to let me take pictures and oogle. This will be the last of a six month chain, we won’t be renewing it either. We enjoyed some of the things that came in the boxes, but a lot seemed strange. There was a ton of mini-figurines that are designed to be decorative, but we really don’t need or enjoy them all that much. I think that the boyfriend and I are pretty epic nerds, and this wasn’t a box I was particularly excited to see every month. Although, this does happen to be my favorite of the boxes we got. Let’s see what I the boy got for my his birthday!

Opening the box. The theme for this month was “Dragon”.


Loot Crate always includes a book filled with pictures and information about the products you are getting, as well as some coupons.


  • Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure. (~$15.00) This is exclusive, so you can’t buy it anywhere. It is pretty cute, the helmet comes off. But it’s a figure, we have collected quite a lot of these and I don’t know what to do with them.
  • Overall Grade: B-


  • Game of Thrones Mystery Mini. ($17.99) Another figure, this time from Game of Thrones. It is cute enough, although not how I imagined Arya. I would not have gotten this in the store.
  • Overall Grade: C-


  • 20 Sided Stress Dice. ($7.50) This is cute, and I like it. I can have it live on my desk. Everyone at work already knows I am a complete nerd. It will go next to my all 20 sided 20 sided die (each face display’s a crit.)
  • Overall Grade: A-


  • D20. ($0.75) I have more of these than I can count. This was completely un-needed and most people who game are more particular about their die (and certainly would like a full set?!) I tossed this into the misc. dice bag. It might get used sometime. It certainly screamed ‘nerdy’ but wasn’t super useful.
  • Overall Grade: C-


  • Loot Crate Pin. ($1.00) This is a pin, I don’t like pins, certainly not one’s that I have to explain for someone to even vaugely understand. I have no idea where this ended up, but I don’t really care.
  • Overall Grade: D+


  • Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner. ($3.00) It sticks to your phone and looks like a shield, then when you want to clean your phone it is right there, it is cute, although pretty small for a gift. Birchbox had something similar in a box that was a freebie.
  • Overall Grade: B


  • Dragon Slayer Tag. ($2.50) This is a tag counting how many dragon’s you’ve killed. It’s amusing, and I actually play a character who would wear this, so I can use it.
  • Overall Grade: B+


  • Dragon Jerky. ($6.95) This is cute, although the color really got me. It’s called dragon jerky. I did like the “mana” and “health” bottles of energy drinks off their site though.
  • Overall Grade: A-


All the loot laid out:


Well, it was a good birthday for me the boyfriend. We were surprised by some of the things, this box was better than some of the previous boxes. He loves T-shirts and will definitely use it. The figurine was also pretty cool, if annoying to put together. He got $54.69 in stuff for $20 (well, it was free for him, yay Christmas.) We will no longer be getting Loot Crate. We found most of the things they sent to be uninteresting and very useful. We are some pretty huge nerds and really wanted to like these boxes, all well. Please look at the other reviews and see if it is something you want, and if you want it to be your birthday then click on this link and sign up.

Toothbrush Subscription–April 2014

The Toothbrush Subscription is a subscription service that sends a new toothbrush every 1, 2 or 3 months. They have toothbrushes ranging from $1-5. I saw this and realized it had been way too long since I had last gotten a toothbrush, the problem was doomed to happen again. This way I will get a new brush whenever I forget.

Inside the box:




The toothbrush. $3 The brush was a little bit softer than I was used to, but I also use excessively hard brushes. There was talk of a new packaging coming for this superscription. I replaced the one I had in my bathroom, and it was just starting to get a little bit frayed. This is a great super easy subscription to have.

I find The Toothbrush Subscription to be well worth the money. The toothbrushes really are comparable to in-store prices, and now I won’t have to cringe at home gross my toothbrush is getting. Plus I spend way more on coffee and soda in a day than I do on this subscription. You really can’t beat free shipping.